About Us

About Tawin Leelawanich

I’m Tawin Leelawanich, or you may call me ‘Lionel.’ I’m an accredited gemologist and Jeweler who also has jewelry displays and packaging from my family that has been established for more than a decade. My journey in the field of gemology began in 2019 after I’ve been talking with my amazing clients from all over the world when I am selling Jewelry displays and packaging’s products. Since the day that I have graduated from AIGS, Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences in Bangkok, my passion for literature and gemstones has grown up every day through countless experience such as being a lab instructor in the school for a year, guiding students to a local gem mine at Chanthaburi, reading many books both gemology and fictions, and many more.

About the name “The Elementums”

The Elementums. The brand name here means ‘elements’ in Latin. Gemstones and Jewelry are special because they are displaying both our physical and spiritual personalities in ourselves. 

I am primarily catering to most people from the customer who wants the $30 silver jewelry to the colored gem connoisseur who desires that stunning $1,000 colorful elegant ring.  

I put in a tremendous amount of time and energy in educating, motivating, and qualifying them to the highest standards. Whether it is sales related, repair related, or just for some sound advice, I am there and ready to handle them.

I have a wide range of gemstones sourced from around the world and I love what I do and I look forward to giving you a warm welcome to my site.

Regards from Lionel


Give us your idea how do you want your luxury to be, Your precious that you are always dreaming in your mind. We can offer you a design that you are wishing for your jewelry. And both of us will work together to make your dream come true. We will take care of the process from the start to the finish line.



We will talk with each other on a selection of gemstones and type of precious metals that we are going to use for your jewelry. There are countless option from sparkling diamonds to various types of colorful gemstones. Tell us your taste, your tone, and your budget, and we will find your best stones.


How to find your ring size: 

1. Measuring by a ring you already have had. 

   1.1 Measure your inner diameter of the ring.

   1.2 Use that length to compare on the chart

2.Measuring by your finger

   2.1 Use a string and then wrap around the base of your finger, marking where the string or floss first overlaps with a pen.

   2.2 Then, line that up with a ruler and take down its length in millimeters.