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Insight of color

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.
– Pablo Picasso

When you are buying fashion and accessories, did you notice the last but also the most crucial factor in your final decision? 

One month before  Easter holiday, I’m looking for a cross pendant to wear for myself online , the design is so close to what I wanted. But in the end I didn’t buy it because the gemstone was too pink. Yes, that color is not enough to show my passion for Christ. Then, I was trying to find something else, but I couldn’t find what exactly I needed. So in the end I created my own pendant with a crimson spinel I bought in Mogok, Myanmar. 

That’s a part of my branding motivation and I would love to share the symbolism of color to you.

What is a color and what does each color represent?

Color is a true sensation and a physiological response to a stimulus of light. It is not only a beauty but also communicates ideas, manipulates perception, creates focus, and drives actions. That’s why color has a main role in purchasing decisions. In the present, there are so many hues, tones, and saturations to choose from a Pantone to order paper or artificial leather products with high technology today. But in our jewelry industry, selection is more limited as natural gemstones are in scarcity in supply than artificial materials. Here are main colors in Gemstones:



The color associates with fire and blood and the hue conveys energy, power, passion, and love. Often used in restaurants and many food brands because it is considered an appetite stimulant and desire. The color radiates a powerful energy that motivates us to act.

Pink is a lighter tone of red hue, associated with kindness, compassion, and beginning of romance 


The color is a combination of vibrancy of yellow and the intensity of red, mimicking the heat of a flame that represents youthfulness, enthusiasm, creativity, and invigoration. The color encourages people to enjoy themselves, like  we were playing with leaves in autumn. The hue of this Orange-Pink Tourmaline 18K gold ring reminds me of a beautiful late-afternoon autumn view back when I was living in Michigan. 


This is the color of sunshine, conveying warmth, hope, happiness, and positivity. It exudes childlike simplicity and innocence. It is symbolized as enlightenment and new-ideas too. Think of a light bulb that pops in our head when we figure out a solution in our lives. 


The color is used as a sign of fortune, prestige, and nature, symbolizing freshness, fertility, growth, and harmony. It is considered the most relaxing color to our eyes. Our green tourmaline jewelry does  soothe your eyes, doesn’t it? 


A common’s color for the water and sky, presenting feelings of serenity, relaxation, and calm. The color ranks as a favorite color and is often used in business communications and logos for its symbols of Depth and Trust. Are these topazes go well with the sky and the sea?


The most difficult for the eye to pick up, because it has the shortest wavelength in the light spectrum. It has long been associated with royalty because only aristocrats could afford the expensive pigment. The royal color conveys elegance, dignity, and sophistication. The violet is also inspiring us to discover our innate thoughts, which enlightens us with wisdom of who we are and our spirit.  Purple Lilies and our purple flower pendant represent pride, success, dignity, admiration & accomplishment. 


A mixture of all primary colors Red, Yellow, and Blue color. It symbolizes stability and reliability. It stabilized us, helping us to remind our appreciation to the simple things in life. That’s probably why we have a type of personality, which is known as down-to-earth. This brown diamond has shown us simple beauty. You may customize your brown diamond pink gold olive leaf ring with us too.


An incredible color that displays authority and security. Black often used in formal events, this mysterious sensation arouses and seduces our vision with elegance and sexiness. It is commonly used alongside with other colors to make them stand out.


A color of snow, standing for purity and innocence. It is commonly used as a balance of all colors, promoting open-mindedness and self-reflection.

The color is a fascinating vision to perceive, isn’t it? There are so many colors that tell who you are and your expression. Plus, there are so many colorful gemstones to select, and each variety has more to tell through its history. You may use this attribute to decide what color to use on your or your loved one’s ring on a center setting of this Unity ring.

Why don’t you start to figure out your symbol and personality through jewelry with us?

It is time to express yourself to the loved ones!

Unity Diamond Round Cut Pave Set 14k Gold Engagement Ring


Size is adjustable according to your ring size.

14K white, yellow, or pink gold, Small Diamonds = 0.16 ct.(16 PCs) + 0.90-1 carat round diamond or eound colored gemstone

Ask for price, The price determined by 1-carat stone & other diamond color and clarity grades.



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4 thoughts on “Insight of color

  1. Kevin Chew says:

    Interesting and intriguing analysis of colors and it’s association with gem stones. I will definitely look for you when I need to buy my next jewelry. Well done.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Kevin, if you have any question relating to gemstones and jewelry. Feel free to ask me anytime:)

  2. Jonathan Ngangue says:

    Interesting analysis, thank you for that! Funnily enough, green has always been my favourite colour and I really recognize myself in some traits associated 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much for reading my blog, Jonathan. I appreciated your comment:)

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